Visit to pro senter

Visiting the Pro Senter in Oslo

My class have been in Oslo today to visit the Pro Senter, which is an office where the workers deal with prostitution, trafficking, porn and other issues in the sex-industry. We talked to a woman who have studied prostitution and works on this office. I was quite surprised by the number of “clients” they have. They work with women from many different countries, everything from Norwegians to Nigerians to Romanians. I knew a lot, but there were some surprising things I didn´t know. Like for instance how much human trafficking involves, I used to think that it human trafficking was when someone got payed to bring someone from one country to another. I have never thought about organ trafficking, women who sell their children to wealthier people in other countries as a part of human trafficking. Nor did I realise how many grey zones there is in the sex industry. I’ve learned a lot today, not necessary about new stuff, but about what things are defined as, and how the laws work.I also learned that prostitution is not like we see in in the movies, it’s so much more, much more complicated and hard to understand. The classic image of a slutty girl in a mini skirt leaning towards a car is not the definition on prostitution, ´cause prostitution mainly happens behind closed doors, not out on the street.

I think everyone should take a minute or two to really think about what prostitution an human trafficking really is, and how much it involves. I had no idea on how much prostitution and human trafficking really includes…dreamstime_m_32349546M

Humans of Oslo



A french-canadian couple  visiting Norway.

“The happiest day of my life, was when i married my wife, and when my two sons arrived”.

The couple have two kids and four grandchildren, and the love is still as strong as it was when they married 44 years ago.

“There have been some sad and tragic moment as well. Our nephew was a pilot, and while he was on a flight with some close friends of the family, the plane crashed. None of them survived.”

“A life changing point for me, was when i graduated from med school, I´ve worked a a general practician for so long, and it have changed, shaped and in many ways defied me.”



Topics for the year (Q and A)

Studying and Working Abroad

Many young people choose to go abroad to study or work. What might be the reasons for this?

  • I think people study or work abroad because they´re eager to learn and experience new thing. Maybe they´re tired of the life they have in their home country, and wish to try something new and different


What is multiculturalism? Can you give examples of multicultural societies? What possibilities and challenges do multicultural societies face?

  • Multiculturalism to me is people from different countries, cultures and background who live in the same society. There are a lot of different multicultural societies, for example the school I used to go to, I believe it´s the most multicultural school in this area. Some of the possibilities the multicultural society faces is that you have the opportunity lo lean about other cultures, countries, food and music. Some of the challenges is different opinions and a different view on problems, politics, rights act.

Intercultural Communication

How can sport and travel contribute to a better understanding and communication between cultures?

  • I think that you earn a lot when you travle, and you learn a lot about the cultures in the places you visit, therefore it may be simpler to understand their way of thinking and what they mean when they say something. Sport can unite someone despite their different backgrounds, because if you cheer for a team, you and all the others who cheer for this team have the same role, you wish and hope for the same thing. You have something in common, and it can help you to understand each other or accept each other.


Breaking the ice

Questions and answers from todays english class

  • What were your expectations today?
    • I expected the day to be a little challenging because I don´t really know that many in this class.
  • What emotiions did you feel during the ice-breaking and trust exercises? (at least 5, positive and negative). Give examples.
    • Nervous, I was constantly nervous!
    • Happy, it was fun activities, and we definitely broke the ice
    • Worried, I did not want to make a fool of myself
    • Confused, some of the activities was a bit confusing
    • Scared, in two of the activities we really had to trust each other, and that was scary.
  • Why did you feel these?
    • Because of the activities, and I only know one other in my class, so I was very insecure.
  • What did you learn today? (About language, about yourself, about others.)
    • I learn to trust the others
    • I learned to open opp a little



Introducing me

My name is Mina de Lange, and I´m a schoolgirl from Norway. I´m 16 (soon 17) years old, and I have this blog because of my english class. I´m a biathlete, and most of my posts will probably be about training, fitness and my lifestyle as an athlete. I also love fashion and if i´m really lucky, I might be able to trick someone in my family or some friends into being a photographer every now and then so I may be able to post some outfit posts. Yoga is also very important to me, mostly because it relaxes me. A lot of people look at me as a tomboy, because I´m really into speed, climbing and a lot of stuff that is a little boyish. I have two older brothers, so they have effected me quite a lot.